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Girls Dress Code (2017-18 School Year)

  • Pants
    • Khaki, Navy or black colored dress pants, skirts, or jumpers that are at least knee length in the front and back must be worn.  Knee length or longer leggings are encouraged anytime a student wears a skirt/jumper.
    • No blue jeans, denim, yoga, fitness, joggers, stretch or skin tight pants are permitted.
    • Pants will be worn at or above the waistline with a belt.
    • Pant legs will be worn down at all times (no roll ups).
    • Khaki, Navy or black colored knee-length shorts are permitted on warm days. (Color and belt requirements are the same for shorts as they are for pants).
  • Shirts
    • Absolutely no hooded sweatshirts are permitted.
    • White, navy, royal, gray, or light blue colored shirts, polo or button down, with collars must be worn. They must be long enough to be tucked in at all times. Cleavage must be covered.
    • Sweaters/vests may be worn.  They are to be solid white, navy, or gray. Plain solid navy, light blue, gray, white crew sweatshirts are also permitted.  No fleece jackets will be allowed.
    • Only solid white, navy, gray or light blue undershirts may be worn under the uniform shirt.  No other colored undershirts are permitted.
    • Akros/Edge uniform shirts are permitted.
  • Shoes
    • Must be solid dark brown or solid black tennis or dress shoes.  Tennis shoes may be worn that are primarily black. White or gray accents are appropriate; however, additional colors are notWhite soles are permitted. Different shoes (i.e. tennis shoes) may be brought to school to change into on gym days, but are not to be worn in the building for any other reason.
    • Heels no higher than 2 inches are permitted.
    • Boots must be solid brown or solid black including soles and shoestrings. Boots are to be worn with pants only. They are not to be worn with shorts, skirts or dresses.
    • Snow boots can be worn to school during winter months.
    • No snow boots are permitted after spring break.  This includes Ugg style boots.
  • Socks/Tights/Leggings
    • Socks/Tights/Leggings must be solid black, solid white, solid navy or solid light blue in color.
    • Socks must match.
    • Designs are not permitted.
  • Belts:
    • If loops are provided, a belt must be worn.
    • Belts must be dark blue, black or brown.
    • No ornamental belt buckles are permitted (ornamental will be defined by administrative staff).
    • Chains, key rings, or other items are not permitted to be hung from belts or belt loops.
  • Purses/bookbags
    • Purses and book bags are not permitted in classrooms. They items should be kept in lockers only.  
  • Hats, caps, bandannas, scarves, and hoods are to be removed upon entering the school building. This includes scarves or caps covering unfinished hair. If a student wears any of these items in the building they must surrender it to a staff member without argument. (Scarves and bandannas are not considered headbands)
  • Jewelry
    • Girls may wear one stud earring per ear.  No hoops or dangling earrings are permitted because of safety issues. No body jewelry permitted.
    • A single necklace may be worn. The charm must be no larger than the size of a quarter.
    • A single wrist watch may be worn.
    • One bracelet or wristband is permitted.
    • One ring (gemstone or plain silver or gold) may be worn. The gem can be no larger than a dime.
    • No lanyards/house keys, etc. are to be worn.  They must be kept in your locker.
  • Hair/Nails/Etc.
    • No extreme or bright colors or designs are permitted (extreme colors or designs will be determined by the administrative staff).
    • Shaving designs in the eyebrows are not permitted.
    • No tattoos or body art are permitted this includes non-permanent drawings on arms.

*violation of inappropriate color or design will result in students to be sent home until hair is back to dress code standards*

  • No gang related clothing or items are permitted on school grounds at any time.




Why Do We Have a Dress Code?

The dress code at Akros Middle School has been established with the best interest of our students in mind. Research shows that when students wear uniforms to school they have better grades and better attendance than students who go to schools where no uniform is required. In some schools, it has been discovered that students were actually missing school because they didn’t have “cool” clothes to wear like some of the other kids. Students who attend schools where uniforms are required are not distracted by who is wearing what. Students can then focus on the reason they are at school, to learn. “Dress for success,” is not just a statement, it is a fact. Even people who run their own businesses from home report that their workday is much more productive when they are dressed up for work. How we dress does affect our performance!

Dress Code Infractions/Consequences

Upon entering the building students are expected to be in full uniform. Any student who is not in full dress code will be given school-issued clothing/shoes for the day. A phone call may be made to the parent(s) explaining that the student not be able to participate in class until the student is in full dress code. Habitual dress code violations will result in after school detentions and suspension from school.

Special Circumstances

If a special situation exists that is preventing a student from having the ability to come to school in proper dress code. Please call the principal to discuss the situation. The student WILL NOT be permitted to come to school out of dress code, but arrangements can be made for the student to borrow school-issued clothes/shoes for a reasonable amount of time until proper uniform clothes can be obtained.

“They Told Me That These Were School Uniform Pants at the Store at the Mall”

Many stores now sell what they call uniform clothes. However, having being labeled “uniform” by the store does not mean that the clothing item complies with the dress code of Akros Middle School. For example, if a student would go to many stores and ask if “skinny” pants were uniform pants, they would be told that they were by the store personnel; however “skinny” pants are not permitted at Akros.

Akros Middle School is a School of Choice

Akros Middle School is a School of Choice. Most parents who choose Akros do so because they feel that their child will receive many educational benefits that traditional schools are not able to provide. The dress code policies of Akros Middle School will not change based on the wishes of one person or group of people. If, in your opinion, the dress code policy of Akros is too strict, it may be in your best interest to enroll your student in a school that does not require such a dress code.