Blue Flower


  • Navy, Kahki or black colored dress pants must be worn. Pants must be plain with no decorations (i.e. beads, buttons, sequins, rhinestones, tears, paint, etc.). 
  •  Blue jeans, denim, jeggings joggers, or yoga pants are not permitted.
  • Pants will be worn at or above the waistline with a belt and must fit (not to loose or tight).
  • Pant legs will be worn down at all times (no roll ups).
  • Navy, Khaki or black colored knee-length shorts are permitted on warm days. (Color and belt requirements are the same for shorts as they are for pants).


  • Absolutely no hooded sweatshirts are permitted.
  • White, navy, royal blue, gray or light blue colored shirts, polo or button down, with collars must be worn. They must be tucked in at all times. 
  •  Sweaters/vests may be worn.  They are to be solid white, navy, or gray. Plain solid navy, light blue, gray or white crew sweatshirts are also permitted. No fleece jackets are allowed.
  • Only solid white, navy, gray, or sky blue undershirts may be worn under the uniform shirt.  No other colored undershirts are permitted.
  • Akros/Edge uniform shirts are permitted. 


  • Must be solid dark brown or solid black tennis or dress shoes.Tennis shoes may be worn that are primarily black. white or gray accents are appropriate; however, additional colors are not. White soles are permitted. Different shoes, (i.e. tennis shoes), may be brought to school to change into on gym days, but are not to be worn in the building for any other reason. Shoelaces must be the same color as the shoe (only black or brown are permitted).
  •  Boots must be solid brown or solid black including soles and shoestrings. Boots are to be worn with pants only. They are not to be worn with shorts.
  • Snow boots are permitted during winter months.
  • No snow boots are permitted after spring break.


  • Socks must be solid black, solid white, solid navy or solid sky blue in color.
  • Socks must match.
  • Designs are not permitted.


  • If loops are provided, a belt must be worn.
  • Belts must be dark blue, black or brown.
  • No ornamental belt buckles are permitted (ornamental will be defined by administrative staff).
  • Chains, key rings, or other items are not permitted to be hung from belts or belt loops.

Book bags are not permitted in the classrooms. They should be kept in lockers only.  

Hats, caps, bandannas, scarves, and hoods are to be removed upon entering the school building.  If a student wears any of these items in the building they must surrender it to a staff member without argument.


  • One wrist watch is permitted.
  • A single necklace may be worn. The charm must be no larger than the size of a quarter. 
  • One bracelet or wristband is permitted
  • No earrings or decorated body parts are allowed. 
  • No rings or other jewelry are permitted
  • No lanyards/house keys, etc. are to be worn. They must be kept in locker.


  • No extreme colors or designs are permitted including: names, brands, numbers, words and or symbols. Only straight lines are permitted. (Extreme colors or designs will be determined by the administrative staff).
  • No bald headed mohawk haircuts or other extreme hair designs are permitted
  • Shaving designs into the eyebrows is not permitted.
  • No tattoos or body art are permitted.

No gang related clothing or items are permitted on school grounds at any time.

All clothing should fit appropriately (not too tight or too loose).

** Akros Middle School administrative staff may add to or change the dress code at any time. School administrators will have the final say in determining what is and what is not appropriate school attire.

Gym dress code. Students are permitted to change into a solid t-shirt, knee length basketball shorts and athletic shoes for gym class.