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Dave and Susan Dudas, co-founders of the Edge Academy, established Akros Middle School for parents that demand a choice for their child's education.  

Students should never be in possession of medication. Parents should bring the proper paper work and medication directly to the office. Both the parent and doctor’s signature must be on file before any medication (prescription or non-prescription) will be administered to the child. If your child is in possession of medication **See suspension policy**. Also, medication must be in its original container and have a fixed label with student name, name of medication, dosage, and method and time of administration.

Inhaler Policy – The written approval form shall include the following:

  • Physician and parent/guardian written authorization
  • The student’s name and address
  • Name and doses of the medication contained in the inhaler
  • Date when administration is to begin and cease
  • Written instructions that outline procedures school personnel should follow in the event
    the medication does not produce the expected relief from the student’s asthma attack
  • Side effects or severe reactions that may occur to the child for whom the medication was prescribed
  • Emergency telephone numbers for physician and parent/guardian
  • Other special instructions

Note: Students are permitted to carry asthma inhalers with the consent of the student’s physician and parent/guardian and written approval as stated above, however sharing of inhalers is prohibited and will result in severe consequence.