Blue Flower

Dave and Susan Dudas, co-founders of the Edge Academy, established Akros Middle School for parents that demand a choice for their child's education.  

This year Akros Middle School celebrated Black History Month with a month long project, culminating with a day of student  presentations about important African Americans. Students grouped together in Language Arts & Social Studies to complete research, write papers, and create presentations. After a month of hard work and anticipation, the students presented their projects to students and staff from The Edge Academy during a special showcase. The presentations took the form of a “Living Wax Museum”, in which students from each group either dressed in costume and played the role of the individual they researched, or gave a speech about the individual’s lives. Each of the student groups did an excellent job of bringing important African Americans from history to life. Their well put together presentations and informative speeches revealed a great deal about the lives of important African americans throughout history.