Blue Flower

Hello, I’m Kevane Bowens an alumni of The Edge Academy and Akros Middle School. I would like to first off say I’m eternally grateful for my experience within Kevanethese walls. They’ve gifted me the skills, mindset, personality, and the endurance to carry out my successful life. I’ve attended an exclusive high school known as Akron Early College, where I’ve been given the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. Thanks to Edge/Akros I was able to take on the higher-level workloads and rise above any negativity that life could curveball. I’m proud to say that I graduated high school in 2015, a year early due to my expanding knowledge capacity. Now, I’m living life, doing what I love, like performing in plays and musicals like I did in my past at Edge and Akros. I’ve also taken on modeling and singing professionally and I’ve also competed on national levels in many performing arts events which I’ve taken first place in. I’m now attending the University of Akron full-time, working a full-time job in the corporate building of Signet Jewelers. These are my successes, what are yours?