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Dave and Susan Dudas, co-founders of the Edge Academy, established Akros Middle School for parents that demand a choice for their child's education.  

Former Edge/Akros student, Ay'Lonnie Gilbert speaking at the Soapbox Nation in Washington, D.C. We could not be more proud.



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Please let the office know as soon as possible, if you have had a change of address or custody change.

Its that time of year again!!! Open enrollment is NOW!!


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Click here to download the enrollment package for 5th graders or a new student

Click here to down load the enrollment package for returning students

Remember, All students must have proof of residence for enrollment!! Image result for proof of residence




NEW vaccine requirement for 7th graders for 2018-2019 school year

The state of Ohio requires all students entering the 7th grade to have the meningococcal vaccine (also known as MCV4, Menevo or Menactra) in addition to one dose of Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis).


Meningococcal Vaccine (NEW REQUIREMENT):

The reason behind the new requirement is because meningococcal disease can spread from person to person. The bacterium that causes this infection can spread when people have close or lengthy contact with someone’s saliva (kissing or coughing). Teens and young adults are at increased risk for meningococcal disease.

This bacterial infection poses a serious threat to teens. Meningitis can kill a healthy person in 48 hours or less. This infection can result in long term effects. The meningococcal vaccine is the best way to protect someone from getting the disease.


You may obtain these vaccines from your child’s health care provider or other community resource. Vaccines are also available at your local health department. 

Students who do not provide documentation of these immunizations to the school this fall are subject to exclusion.


Click here to download the 2018-2019 immunization requirments


Thank you,

Ms. Michelle (Nurse) Phone 330-374-6704 Ext 209 Fax 330-374-6713

Akron Children’s Hospital, School Health Services

The Edge Academy and Akros Middle School held there annual breakfast with the boys on March 15th. This year’s theme was superhero. Students and their father or father figure , got to come to school and have breakfast together and spend some quality time before school started. The event was a huge success and the students were so excited to show off the school and their dads to the staff members.



In a wonderful synergizing effort, the students at Akros Middle School and The Edge Academy collected over 2,000 cans in our first annual can food drive. The students did a wonderful job of bringing in cans and then the middle school lighthouse team helped load all the cans into a donated Penske Truck. The students then went to the Haven of Rest to unload the can food items for donation. The Haven of Rest was very grateful and excited for the donation.




Monday January 29th, 2018

Dear Parent or Guardian:

If you and your children are thinking about a four-year university or two-year technical college after high school, it’s likely that you’re already getting ready both finically and academically. Since the inception of the College Credit Plus program more than 32,000 students have gotten a jump start on college reducing their costs toward college degrees by participating in the program.

Ohio has never offered your child a better start on a college education. A College Credit Plus student enjoys the opportunity to pursue more challenging classes and explore college interests sooner. Your child can earn anywhere from a few college credits to a year’s worth while still in high school.

If you are interested in having your child participate we will be hosting an information meeting at the school on Tuesday, February 6th at 8am.

The Letter of Intent can be downloaded here.

Additional information can be downloaded here,

Click here for the Ohio Department of Educations - College Credit Plus website 




Faith DeCesare- Interim Director




Charter School Specialist give accolades to Akros Middle School in their most recent newsletter "The Sponsor Connection"

Dave and Susan Dudas founded their first school, Edge Academy, a high performing public elementary charter school located near downtown Akron. As the children approached middle school age, happy parents pleaded with the founders of Edge to build a middle school. From that request of those highly supportive parents, Akros Middle School was established.

Under the leadership of Faith DeCesare, Holly Piskula and Raymond Leek, Akros has become an essential education provider for Akron students.
Akros utilizes NWEA Map, a nationally normed set of tests to gauge achievement and student growth. NWEA is a highly respected national testing organization and, unlike Ohio, is stable with their methodology and have reference groups comprised of millions of students across the nation. Their NWEA Map Tests demonstrate that Akros Middle School is delivering strong levels of student growth in both Math & Reading.


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Akros Middle School had above projected student growth for Math and greatly exceeded projections for Reading.


Charter School Specialists is pleased to be the sponsor of Akros!


 Below are just some of the schools our graduates have been accepted at!


Ahnya Anderson - Edge/Akros K-8STVM High School
Also accepted at Akron Early College and Archbishop Hoban High School
Aknyha Gary - Akron Early College
Ay'Lonnie Gilbert - Edge/Akros K-8Akron Early College
Also accepted at Hoban, St. V., Our Lady of the Elms and Firestone
Khymier WrightAkron Early College - Edge/Akros K-8
JaeQuan AndersonHoban
Kanya Davis - Hoban
Nicholas Hale - St. V
Julian Pruiett - Firestone
Keshawn Haynes-Edge/Akros K-8 - Hoban
Also accepted at Akron Early College

BriAsia Smith - Akron Early College


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High School Night will be held during conferences on October 24th, 5pm - 7pm.

Many private schools will be in attendance to provide admission information.