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The Department’s email stems from a federal lawsuit regarding special education funding.  As general background, Disability Rights Ohio filed a federal class action lawsuit against the State of Ohio on behalf of all students with disabilities enrolled in or seeking to enroll in Ohio public schools.  The lawsuit, which has been pending in some form for nearly ten years, alleges that inadequacies of Ohio’s special education funding system have resulted in systematic denials of a free and appropriate public education for students with disabilities and discriminate against such students.  Chief among the complaint’s allegations are that the state’s funding amounts for providing services to students with disabilities are arbitrary and insufficient, are not appropriately updated based on increasing costs, and are not based on true assessments of the cost of providing required services. 


As part of this lawsuit, Disability Rights Ohio filed a subpoena requesting student data maintained by the Department in EMIS.  Student names, addresses, and social security numbers are not subject to this request.  However, federal law protects other forms of personally identifiable information that are maintained in EMIS and sought via the subpoena (e.g., student identifying numbers; demographic information, such as school, grade, gender, race, age, and disability category; attendance statistics; information on suspensions and expulsions; and results on state tests such as the Ohio Graduation Tests, the Ohio Achievement Assessments, and the Third Grade Reading Guarantee).  Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), entities that maintain personally identifiable student information must notify parents that such information is subject to a subpoena and provide them with an opportunity to object to the release of their child’s information. 



Court Notice to Parents

Ohio Department of Education letter concerning student information


Eighth grade student Jo'Vante Wimbley was recognized in July by Akros Middle School, after attending a week long Air Camp at Wright State University in Dayton.


Jo'Vante has been with The Edge Academy and Akros since kindergarten. Aeronautics and engineering are his passions.


"Jo'Vante is a student who achieves not just academically, but behaviorally," said Chris Burchfield, director of The Edge Academy and Akros Middle School. "He has leadership characteristics that will follow him throughout his life. I look for Jo'Vante to be a leader within this community very soon."


The school thanks Ron and Doris Adler of the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education for making attendance at the camp possible for Jo'Vante through their scholarship program. (Photo, left to right: Ron Adler, Chris Burchfield. Jo'Vante Wimbley, Holly Piskula, Dave Dudas) 


Article is courtesy of Charter School Specialist


2014/2015 Supply List 



Language Arts


Social Studies

Loose-leaf paper Loose-leaf paper 3-ring binder Pen/Pencils
1 ½ “  3-ring binder Pens, pencils Mechanical pencils                            Colored pencils              
2 pocket folder (for inside the binder) Binder with 3 dividers OR 3-subject notebook Notebook 2 “ Binder
Pencils Highlighters Notecards Dividers
Erasers Red ink pen    
2- composition notebooks (8th grade) 2-folders    


What exciting news!  As we closed out the first 9 weeks of the school year 64 students were invited to attend the good behavior field trip.  How do you earn such a field trip you may ask? To earn the good behavior field trip each 9 weeks, the students must have fewer than 5 violations and 5 absences. In this 9 week period, the field trip student leadership team chose laser tag for the field trip of fun. The 64 students were invited to a full day trip to Amazone in Medina, Ohio where they had all day play and laser tag, as well as 10 free tokens to play in the arcade.  Students enjoyed hanging out together and we received so many compliments from the staff of Amazone as well as parents who brought their young ones in during the time we were there.  We are so very proud of the students for displaying great leadership behavior in and out of the school! 


Let's see how many students earn the second 9 weeks good behavior field trip.  Can't wait to see!!

On a recent visit from the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education, both The Edge Academy and Akros Middle School were presented with the distinction of being "All-Star" School.  Our visitors, Ms. Sue Westendorf and Ms. Beth Lear, from the OCQE, enjoyed touring both schools to see all of the learning and leadership occurring in our buildings.  We are all so proud of the hard work of our students, staff and parents.  Educating the future is definitely a team effort and we couldn't do it without you!

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls finished their geometry unit with an exploration into tessellations. They viewed the artwork of M.C. Escher for inspiration and then created their own Escher-like pattern. The girls then decorated their masterpieces with lots of color and creativity.